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Authors: Kaul, Rajiv
Issue Date: 1994
Abstract: Due to energy saving consciousness and to reduce the risk of ecological balance, now-a-days there is considerable interest in the development of Absorption air conditioning system powered by renewable energy resources. Also, in india there are many,backward areas which unfortunately even today have no proper electric supply but Air conditioning requirements exist in these region for Hospitals, and for storing medicines, perishable such as milk and other products. This necessitates the development- of vapour absorption air conditioning system. Vapour Absorption system is heat operated system. The heat may be supplied by Biogas, LPG or Solar Energy. In the present work, a design and performance of a solar power air conditioning system is reported. This is a design study on the Vapour Absorption system. Parameters like generator temperature, condenser, Absorption and Evaporator temperature are varied and effect of these variations on the performance of the system is studied. Effect of one parameter on other for the maximum value of COP is also studied. On the basis of above study it is found that generator temperature for acceptable performance increases within the increase of condenser and Absorber temperature. For high temperature regions generator temperature should be around 100°C, so for these regions solar powered Absorption system is most suitable. COP is taken as the optimization criterion, an the basis of above study, optimum L design conditions are selected. The following are the specifications of the solar powered vapour Absorption system. System : Aqua -Ammonia Absorption System.(continuous) Space size -- 25 x 16 x 5 m cooling capacity - 20 TR Evaporator Temperature - -2°C Required Cabin condition - 26.7°C & 559: RH, No. of person in space - 30. Condenser Temperature - 40°C Absorber Temperature - 300C Generator Temperature - 95°C Generation period - 2, hours Operating period - B hours Energy Input - 282.9 kW COP - 0.278 Circulation of Ammonia - 4.3 kg/min Evaporator capacity - 70.33 kW Alternative, heating source - LPG/Biogas Condenser capacity - 97.6 kW Type of Generator - Solar heated Type of Condenser - shell and tube type Type of Rectifier - air cooled cuperative type Reliability - Excellent Life of unit - 20 yrs Economic Viability With the present investment, cast and energy prices, solar powered vapour Absorption air conditioning system is economically viable in remote areas. However, with reduction in maintenance cost and reliable operation for long period, the system can be designed for automatic operation, without requiring any attention from the user of the system. 5
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
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