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dc.description.abstractHasdeo river is a tributory of Mahanadi flows in the stretch of 245 km from Hasdeo mountain North of Sonhat near Mindra village to Barra-Basantpur village, where it meets with the river Mahanadi. Its total catchment area is 9,803 sq. km. The water of the Hasdeo river has gradually deteriorated due to industrialization and urbanization of catchment area. The river is affected during its course by four urban/industrial centers i.e. Manendragarh, Chirmiri, Korba and Champa. Among the four centers, Korba stands first based on the pollution contribution to the river Hasdeo, where four Thermal Power Plants. Bharat Aluminium Company Ltd. producing Aluminium and Madhya Bharat Paper mill discharge its effluent into Hasdeo river at downstream of champa. Treated partially or untreated wastewater generated from the industries urban centres finds its way into the river or canals through nullahs and drains. The river also receives the sewage water from the colonies of Korba, Urga and Champa city. . To study the pollution level of Hasdeo river, six numbers of sampling location are selected along the 55 km. stretch of the Hasdeo - river. This is currently monitoring by Chhattisgarh Environmental Conservation Board. The secondary water quality data of Hasdeo river collected from regional office Chhattisgarh Environmental Conservation Board, Korba. Effluents from the different point sources has been analyzed for the physicochemical parameters such as physical, organic, other inorganic,. The water quality has been evaluated on the basis of Water quality index and Temporal and spatial variation of physicochemical parameters and compaired with water quality criteria given by CPCB. The comparison of the water quality of aforesaid classification reflects the extent of pollution at respective sampling stations and different point sources which help us to take necessary measures against the pollution load in the river. The NSFWQI is used to evaluate the pollution level in river water. The NSFWQI are mostly used in the USA and also applicable in the Indian water environment. Descriptor words and colours are used against the numerical index value as proposed by NSFWQI to evaluate the pollution level in the water bodies. A comparative index analysis for the monsoon, post monsoon, winter, pre monsoon and various years from 2002 - 2009 periods indicates the exact status of pollution level in the Hasdeo river.en_US
dc.subjectHASDEO RIVERen_US
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