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Authors: Kumar, Sudhir
Issue Date: 1985
Abstract: in tbiG tøiø an .ttempt høn teen m4e to rehioe to tint eoete abtnined from Tata Xron m4,, SteelCo, Juhe4V (TiSOO) and Nth*BI Steel Rolling t4111, Muzsffr Nagar (new.) with 41000,olatod enmenia wl4oh has Wen ueed e red ottt. ¶be efect c.t vrng t1me, temperature of 'ecti')n ø*d t* port do size on thO rOCOVOT,7 of it the reduced mms bag Won etie40 h0 OtEet at tit temperature rind particle aizo is also dOnO ft the Veduotion of miztizre of mill scatsand on iron for Vevying ratio The povdor MOWIUM1091, ootsiietiou like flow rate ,rippernt den.ei tv ,green 4enoit wA deneifcatiQn paramtor .ba* also Won etudied with varying paremetere of reduction Ue the time temperature eM Partiols B5O of mitt aoiZe. - Mill 04010 fro* TX$00 end NS1MM could b reduced Vitb dieeooieted atinoni in the temp raturo range ut 900 to 1t00000 In Percentage In the reduced poier• low for teaperatre upto 1000°C vae tow and not eatidactOfl irn content. otreduted mesa for UOC°0 for I hoira reduction was Wsisftotory Io. 9871, for NOW miii eote and 9$, for flsOO eoeie me pertiotee did effect the / Of in reduced mass at at L tompOr*ture and also the particle at reduced product was eimitar to the particle eiO end shape of mitt ecate. The prQperteG of reduced povdar like green density., apparent denai.ty flow rate erd defldfjcntion priraist h on found to etttef toa'y for oiidOr IuooA by 'both the niU acaZo by r4uctton at h her tOrnoratur t0 !O to u °C"o 3a ehoo that epoider to eutteh e for pr00000tvg hi pot8or meti y teohn3:+ aes C t jr btu been mixd with tmill eo a 'eft roduotton in proporttons of t9 a - *'4 *4th the i.i of produotng po tar o t i 1 Low o b, OtQOtoo ucd po a atth e LOW ena O 047. crrbon coLd be obteno for roduoUon owed Out .t UOQ0C b aid for lour tOrotG of reduottaftQ 0 , The. carbon Oo tont * o *,i ., C cite still l tempertaure qQ9i&jQQOC to Ahut 063X for ratio betiOeli cast iron rnifl oo to 0.67. for the r ttto of t 4* OW4 'J : Oteri, U0 r Of tbe, xtwo reduced at U0000 boure re tcwd to be m
Other Identifiers: M.Tech
Research Supervisor/ Guide: Prakash, Satya
metadata.dc.type: M.Tech Dessertation
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